You like mcr, panic at the disco, choppy hair cuts, fall out boy and black clothing. You can’t stop smudging your eyeliner, you can’t stay out of hot topic, and you don’t know the top 20 charts. Face it, you’re never gonna leave 2005.

I don’t wanna leave 2005. i just wanna


kinda keep having panic attacks at the thought of facing mildred again and I relapsed which is the worst part because I havent relapsed in so long

I remember I took this creative writing class last year and I always had the running theme of carrying heavy emotions in the spine, (sadness,anger,envy, ect) and it was because thats where I carry all my own emotions and I guess I miss writing poetry and human anatomy and gardens

why does my brain make me feel stupid for expressing my problems to someone I trust why do I feel gross and sick after



god I feel so stupid im so stupid


Sioux. Wounded Knee site. Pine Ridge REZ, SD


"Just as a flower does not choose its colour
we are not responsible for what we have come to be”

Stoker, 2013

Anonymous: But pippin didn't really do anything? 




My friend, lemme tell you a little somethin’ somethin’.

If Pippin had done nothing, then Merry would not be alive, nor would the rest of the company. Why? In the Mines of Moria, when Pippin throws down that itty bitty rock (Or knocks down the entire skeleton in the movie) he alerts all those goblins and orcs; first thing, the company was going to settle in there for the night, and have a good little sleep. If they had, then they could’ve and would’ve been ambushed by those goblins and the like. By dropping the rock, he alerted those things earlier on, which gave the company no time to rest and thus kept them alert and ready for attack. Or more ready in that case.

Remember in the movie when Pippin and Merry were abducted, and the only thing they showed was how Pippin dropped his Greenleaf pin, and that’s how Aragorn kept on their trail? Well, lemme tell you something. Before he had the idea to drop his pin (which, by the way, pained him greatly because this pin was important to him, it signified that he was apart of the Company), he had the idea to try and escape. The Uruk-hai beat both of the boys, and Pippin came around first; they were carried for approximately 24 leagues roughly before Ugluk decided that if they were to outrun the men of Rohan, then they’d need the hobbits to run as well so their men didn’t tire so easy. And how did they keep them running? They forced disgusting Uruk-hai draught down their throats, and whips. Let me repeat it, whips. So while they were running, Pippin thought about how Aragorn would never find them because the foot prints of the Orcs were much larger than the hobbits, so when they went through some mist, Peregrin made a run a bit off course. Not because he thought he had any hope to escape, but to make sure his foot prints were somewhere that aragorn could see; after this, he fell onto his face and when he was pulled up (by only his hair, I might add) he fell and had to be picked up again in the same way. He then dropped his pin after both hobbits exhausted themselves and couldn’t run any longer.

This resulted in Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas keeping their trail, even after resting for a night, and they had lost their trail.

And again, on their way to Isengard Pippin saved their butts again. When the Uruk-hai were arguing amongst themselves after the Northerners ran for the hills, Pippin used one of the discarded scimitars to cut a bit of the binds at his wrists. Later on, this is how he keeps Merry alive. After a few more leagues, they’re dropped again to rest. The men of Rohan have them surrounded so the Uruk-hai are distracted so Pippin strikes up a conversation with Grishnahk which leads to him being molested. It was gross, but in the end he outsmarted the thing; he pretended he knew exactly where the ring was, and that if Grishnahk cut the binds to his legs, that he’d tell him; he gave him clues by coughing and saying Gollum! every few moments, and Merry caught on. He told the Orc of how Saruman would kill Grishnahk if he caught wind of information about the ring, and that he better take it instead, before everybody is killed by the Rohirrim. So he takes the hobbits into Fangorn to make the deal, which ends up getting him killed and Pippin uses the loose binds at his wrists to reach for the scimitar, and cuts Merry and himself out; he feeds Merry lembas, and they escape.

He’s later telling Merry about how they got to be where they are, and where they are, and how long they’ve been travelling; he listened the entire time, even when he was abused and hurt.

He also lit the Beacons of Gondor, which was essentially telling Rohan that Gondor needed help and brought them into the war

and theres so much more

let me just

pippin was a key character in this book okay


And this is why Pippin is my favorite hobbit of them all Pippin showed most courage out of all of them and let’s not forget in the book he becomes the Prince of Hobbits

Well, I don’t think he was the hobbit that showed the most courage, but I definitely think he showed a fair bit amount. I mean, most of it was pure immature stupidity, seeing as how young he was. And none of that is to say that he isn’t my favorite character, because he is, but it’s true; he was a child still, and it showed in how he stole the palantir in TT. I mean, in the movies he was very brave, seeing how he pretty much saved Gandalf from dying again, and how he managed to rouse over 40 Ents to destroy Isengard. And speaking of keeping someone from dying, he also kept Faramir from dying as well, by speaking out of turn to Denethor.

Which, before all of that, gave Pippin the nickname of Ernili Pheriannathh, because he spoke so informally to Denethor; Denethor was amused with the Hobbit’s manners, especially the way he spoke to him in a very informal and personalized familiar language, as with a close friend or social equal, since the Hobbitish dialect lacked formal forms. Denethor’s servants were astonished to this view, and probably gave strength to the rumor that Pippin was of very high social rank within his own country, and soon a wild rumor circulated, that the Erni I Pheriannath had promised 5,000 Hobbits to the defense of the city. Most people probably don’t know that, which I love because ahhh he’s so cute.