spencer sent me a picture bc the kid and i were joking about how night vale was weird or something???? anyway i told him that he’s not really him

so he sent me this

so cute

 spencers starting to play with my hands lately i love it

wow u don’t like clara Oswald I cant believe I dated u ew

so I seen bedard again and he lifts his shirt to show me the hickeys I gave him last Friday when we got drunk and I kinda just gasped and ran away oh my god im still embarrassed he laughed at me ahhh

the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy fucked me up


Teen Wolf spin-off about Danny living his life in Beacon Hills during canon thus far, showing him hanging out with Jackson and Lydia, Lydia setting Danny up on dates, Jackson being Danny’s wingman at clubs, Danny having a computer hacking business on the side, and in every episode, Scott and Stiles are running around in the background shouting about werewolves and casually bleeding.


i think it’s awesome that Gandalf, a powerful and wise maia, could be doing anything, and he could do things for his own gain, but mostly he just runs around in Middle-Earth trying to save this goddamned world.

and he has such a soft spot for hobbits and he loves them so much and i’m just



Robert Sapolsky about his study of the Keekorok baboon troop from National Geographic’s Stress: Portrait of a Killer.




you know what really fucking sucks?

when everything is going okay, you’re feeling pretty good, and then all of a sudden one night you’re outside smoking, or in your room listening to music, and it hits you.

you’re never gonna get better


when hagrid dies he will be buried in a clearing in the forbidden forest, all the magical creatures on the hogwarts grounds will attend the funeral as well as students of all ages and houses, professors both current and past and even hogwarts alumni

his cabin will stay as a monument to his life, dusted from time to time by house elves, and it is never clear if hagrid’s soul remained as a ghost but it is said that sometimes in the dead of night you can see dim lights from his cabin windows and hear the whistle of a tea kettle